Contingency International



With regard to port security, CI provides security consulting services for clients concerned with security, MTSA (Maritime Transportation Security Act)/ ISPS Code compliance and safety of port facilities, oil storage areas, LNG off-loading facilities and floating platforms for off-shore applications, cargo and container facilities and other related concerns.

CI performs audit and security evaluations for clients needing appraisal studies of security and safety considerations in a particular port anywhere in the world.

These audit studies provide with needed information to assist operational planning, investment needs or negotiating points with municipal or governmental port operators.


CI’s services consist of security plan development and monitoring, related training, required security code certificate/approval, consulting, risk assessment and staff outsourcing. CI ensures that port authorities, maritime/port owners and operators meet the stringent requirements of the new ISPS Code /MTSA (Maritime Transportation Security Act). CI provides consultancy services and executes the required security assessment steps and defends against terror threats.

We also offer a Tactical Maritime services for anti piracy operations.