Contingency International
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security & intelligence

We are an independent, full-service Security Consulting Firm, and supplier to military and law-enforcement worldwide. We specialize in all aspects of Executive Protection, Law Enforcement/Military Protocols, Security Management, Maritime Security and Crisis Management. Our innovative and advanced solutions for complex security issues are based on the training and unique experiences of our principle staff members and worldwide alliances. That means our recommendations are based on your actual needs, not a product or service we represent. Our job is to assess your needs and recommend changes to improve existing security protocols. We are experts in risk and vulnerability assessments. Our consultants evaluate your existing protocols and recommend solutions to improve your bottom line security.

Contingency International was founded on the principle of understanding risk before investing people or economic resources. Our staff has extensive experience in spotting security inefficiencies and creating success through applying professional efficient planning and management, replacing inefficiencies and other problems with an appropriate logistical process and sophisticated strategic solutions. In short, Contingency International is an amalgamation of leading experts, experienced operatives, and specialized consultants all of whom have outstanding performance records in Government Intelligence Services and Security Agencies, Special Forces, Secure Specialty Logistics, and Communications and Technology Industries around the Globe. The founders believe this combination will make Contingency International a leader in the industry.
Contingency International is a Florida Corporation with administrative offices in Miami and North Carolina and 3 representative offices in the UK, Colombia and Trinidad & Tobago.